The first feature film directed by the actor Dorian Boguţă enters the cinemas in March – News on sources

“Urma”, the first feature film directed by actor Dorian Boguţă, known from films such as “The Death of Mr. Lăzărescu” and “Two Lozuri”, will debut in Romanian cinemas on March 6, and on Wednesday the video for the song “A Place for Me” was released. Urma, included on the soundtrack of the film, according to

A cop with thriller accents, “Trace” is a story about the secrets that those around us are hiding. Everything starts from the disappearance of a famous pianist. The policeman taking over the case gradually learns about the artist’s troubled fate, his bizarre relationships and the decisions that triggered a whirlwind of surprising events. After the death of his parents, he had become obsessed with his sister’s happiness, beyond the confines of brotherly love.

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The cast includes Teodor Corban, Marin Grigore, Irina Rădulescu, Dragoş Bucur, Mădălina Ghenea, Lucian Ifrim, Liviu Pintileasa and István Téglás.

“When I chose the name of the film, it somehow crossed my mind that a connection with the Urma band could be created. But it was just a thought. But it all started from Mani Gutau’s remark: «You made a movie with the name of my band?». Then, without hesitation, I asked him to watch the movie and, if he found it interesting, to think about how we could work together. Mani was among the first viewers of the film and his feedback was also encouraging and helpful, “said producer Oana Bujgoi Giurgiu.

The song “A Place for Me” was the choice of director Dorian Boguţă for the soundtrack. The video of the song included on the album “Trend Off” (2007) is directed by Boguţă, and the protagonist is the soloist of the band, Mani Gutau. The filming took place at Vidraru Lake, one of the filming locations.

“Theoretically, the movie” Urma “is not about Urma music. Basically, the music of Urma is in the film «Urma». Somewhere, between theoretical and practical, film and music Urma go on the same path, which is out of time. From one heart to another. I hope that this wonderful story, signed by an even better team, will receive the attention it deserves, ”Gutau said.

A special event, “URMA – the band and the film”, will be held on March 13, at Cinema Pro in Bucharest. After the band will give a concert, the film will be screened in the presence of the team.

The alternative rock band Urma was founded in the spring of 2003, in Cluj-Napoca. He released four studio albums: “Nomad Rhymes” (2003), “Anger as a Gift” (2005), “Trend Off” (2007) and “Lost End Found” (2013). Apart from the Romanian scenes, he has performed in Hungary, France, Germany, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. The next album, “the heart! Ism”, will be released this spring.

The film “Urma” had its world premiere at the Namur International Festival and was selected in the Spectrum competition at Cottbus. The script is signed by Dorian Boguţă and Loredana Novak, the image was made by Barbu Bălăşoiu (“Sieranevada”), and the editing belongs to Tudor Popescu. “Urma” is produced by Hai Hui Entertainment, in co-production with Mandragora, Actoriedefilm and Point Film.