The first image with Mădălina Ghenea from childhood! How beautiful she was!

Madalina Ghneea (28 years old) shut the mouths of the villains who accuse her of altering her sensitive physique with the help of a scalpel. The star published a photo with her from childhood and showed that she had the same features with which she is now making waves. Comparing the images, Madalina had the same full and sensual lips, but also the same shape of her nose. With or without an esthetician, the star got to where she set out to be as a child. The actress confessed that when she was just a child she wanted to become famous and she did not stop dreaming about it. She motivated young women who want to pursue a career in the spotlight not to give up the idea.

“For every little girl who has great dreams: Yes, you can be whoever you want! The little girl in the picture had a dream, that of one day presenting the Sanremo Festival and her dream came true,” Madalina wrote in the image with her from childhood.

Olteanca ended with a quote from a young Indian woman, who climbed Mount Everest even though she has an amputated leg. “The first flight of this hawk is imminent. Although I jumped over the seas, well the whole sky is waiting for me to conquer it and rest assured that I will do it with all my heart and soul,” the star concluded.

Madalina Ghenea was born in Slatina. From an early age he was in the spotlight, participating in the famous TV show “Tip Top Minitop”. For 7 years, Madalina took ballet and piano lessons. He graduated from the “Ion Minulescu” National College and started his chis career in fashion at the age of 15, when he presented for the famous designer Gattinoni.