The first pictures of (ex-) millionaire Maddalena Ghenea after …

What seemed to be evolving into a very serious relationship seems to have gone to the water of Sambetta! All the "signs" make sure that the gorgeous Madalina Ghenea is separated from the art dealer Vito Schnabel. (The best paid job in Bucharest) The millionaire seems to have passed this moment, and the one who helped him was even a very good friend … So good he stuck with him for a whole evening during a party. They are the first pictures of Madalina Ghenea's "ex" millionaire after CANCAN.RO, SITE NO. 1 DIN ROMANIA, announced separation!

At the beginning of April, Mădălina Ghenea was photographed by foreign paparazzi while kissing Vito Schnabel on a beach in St. Barts, in the Caribbean Sea. That was the beginning of a beautiful love story that had all the premise to evolve into something very serious. Especially since the two of them were convinced that Vito would ask our wife for our gorgeous Romanian. (You can earn $ 10,000 each month!)

So in love was Vito Schnabel by Mădălina Ghenea that she kept dead as his mother knew her. So he took her across the ocean, into America, where his family lives.

A kiss as good friends

Everyone would have felt good at this meeting, having even common activities that had fun. Mădălina and Vito also made a tour of a famous swamp in Louisiana, the actress filming while playing with a snake, scenes posted on Instagram. (DETAILS HERE)

In turn, Vito Schnabel filmed himself in the same place as he tried to grab a crocodile. Images arrived on his socializing account. At the time, their relationship seemed to be as serious as possible. Things, however, seem to have been complicated in the last month. Because both have uploaded into the online environment only photos that do not really bind one another at all. Surprisingly enough. What makes it possible to break the chain of love between them. (SEE THE LITTLE STORY HERE)

A further proof is the latest appearance of Vito Schnabel, who left everything behind and spent with a good friend, the famous American designer Zac Posen, until the morning! Stylishly dressed in four needles, the two "started their engines". First with a fine drink, and when they took more courage they started dancing as if there were no one in the locality, only the two of them.

Either the drink or the joy of rehearsing, it is certain that something made them very close. And even kiss on the cheek during the dance. Vito was the one who put a big "stamp" on Zac Posen's face, and he did not stop at all, even smiled happily.

Vito Schnabel and the famous American designer Zac Posen
Vito Schnabel and the famous American designer Zac Posen

Logotype with the latest partners

Mădălina Ghenea has engaged with the last three partners since the beginning of the relations. With Gerard Butler he loved for about two years, then declared and even tattooed his love for Philipp Plein, a relationship that lasted only a few months. And with his dad's mother, Matthew Stratan, he has made it clear several times that he would have married. What later turned out to be a rumor, even declaring she was never married.


A real Casanova!

The famous American millionaire Vito Schnabel has loved for about four years with super-model Heidi Klum. The couple broke up in late 2017. Later, Vito combined with former wife of Johnny Depp, Amber Heard, whom he recently parted. They are not the only celebrities who have stolen the heart of the founder Vito Schnabel Projects. In the past, Demi Moore was also engaged with Demi Moore, even though at that time the actress had double his age.

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