The gestures that reveal the separation between Mădălina Ghenea and Matei Stratan

In September, the first rumors appeared about the inevitable rift between the two. Between Mădălina Ghenea (29 years old) and Matei Stratan (31 years old) things would not be so rosy and now the recent gestures seem to confirm the defective relationship of the famous couple. Sources in their entourage told us that the actress is to blame, because she has a choleric behavior. Well, she’s from Oltenia! The strange thing is that misunderstandings arose too early for how beautiful the beginning of their love story was.

Thus, after only a year and a half of relationship, the millionaire and the actress have serious problems in paradise, although they do not want to admit it. Moreover, on every occasion he poses in love: they hold hands, kiss, caress. But lately, violent outbursts in public are becoming more frequent. Thus, the first outing of this kind took place in mid-September, when they were on the streets of Milan. The rich man was extremely upset, unwell, and Madalina finally tried to reconcile him, caressing his cheek tenderly.

They have a six-month-old daughter together

Here that on Wednesday evening he did not follow the scheme, because this time the one who was upset was Madalina, who seems to be quite fierce in such situations. They went out to a Japanese restaurant together, but only she ate the food, and Matei looked at her as if trying to apologize and reconcile her. Madalina didn’t even notice him. Near midnight, the two of them got into the same car, but after 500 meters, the millionaire pulled to the right to calm his girlfriend. A series of gestures followed between the two, they abruptly, then she jerked and got out of the car, slamming the door, according to the images captured by Kanal D. He ran away on the streets, and Matei followed her. with quick steps, but he couldn’t catch her. They met 45 minutes later at home, however, where Madalina arrived by taxi and Matei with bags full of food. Probably two of them had time to talk and give advice about their future, especially since they have a six-month-old baby.
Evil mouths say that Matei’s parents would not agree with Ghenea’s tumultuous past, but the actress’ boyfriend denied the gossip. “We understand each other very well, these rumors are not true. Everything is ok between me and Madalina “, he recently declared for Click! Matei Stratan. Contacted by Click! Reporters, the “father-in-law” Dan Stratan did not want to comment on the recent dissensions between his son and the Oltenian warhead.