The Lancia Ypsilon Monogram fashion shows in Milan during the Grazia event at Palazzo Serbelloni

On the occasion of the event that opened the Cross Generational Festival of Grace, Lancia unveiled the new Ypsilon Monogram, the fashion city car with Gold and Noir details.

A exclusive event, a gala evening, punctuated by the music of Annalisa and rapper Mr. Rain: it was a very special evening that brought together in the magical atmosphere of Serbelloni Palace, right in the heart of Milan, different personalities from the world of music, cinema and fashion.

The occasion? The inauguration of Cross Generational Festival, the event designed by Grazia which aims to unite many different generations, divided by age but united by their passions.

Call to make their contribution on important issues, such as the environment, bullying, social media, the future and well-being, actresses, models and influencers who have had the opportunity to meet and bring their testimonies to the various talks.

From the one dedicated to sustainability, which saw singer Malika Ayane, hostess Filippa Lagerbäck and actress Rocío Muñoz Morales, go on stage to the one addressed to “Timeless style”, With Silvia Grilli, director of Grazia, Marica Pellegrinelli, Madalina Ghenea and Antonella Bruno, head of the brand Lancia which was also one of the event partner.

Lancia Ypsilon Monogram: the new city car special guest at Palazzo Serbelloni


In fact, on the occasion of the Grazia gala evening, Lancia presented the new one Ypsilon Monogram: The new special series of the contemporary fashion city car, was the special guest of the evening wearing an unusual outfit in double color "Gold & Noir", in which the monogram becomes a degradè pattern that blurs the sharp contrasts between the "Gold" of the bodywork and the "Noir" of the roof.

The brightness is the secret of her beauty, also thanks to the new style details in light gold nuance both in the interior and in the exterior details.

But here are some of the familiar faces who attended the event.

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