The lesbian curtain between Virginia Raffaele and Madalina Ghenea

"If it passes the ddl Cirinnà I ask you to marry me ". Virginia Raffaele jokes, but not too much, with Madalina Ghenea. The offer, of course, is a funny joke. But it underlines the umpteenth assist to the left that in these days brings to the examination of the parliament the ddl on civil unions. The replica of the beautiful Ghenea is immediate: "Obviously I accept".

Just a joke nothing more. Then Virginia Raffaele makes civil partnerships fall by the wayside and go on to duet with Gabriel Garko. "One evening I was at the restaurant, and he was there too – he says – when it came out of the restaurant there was a flash storm, I expected the same for me. But when I went out, no one photographed me. they even stop in the street to ask me for his autograph ". So Madalina increases the dose: "I also lived the same situation as Virginia. A taxi driver asked me if he could take a picture with Garko, and not with me. I did everything I could to get this gentleman to comeAriston to show him Gabriel closely, obviously in respect of safety ".