Madalina Ghenea shared a message about the coronavirus pandemic and what everyone should do in the fight against this plague that has taken over the entire planet.

Madalina Ghenea, profound message in the context of the crisis caused by coronavirus

Star wrote on her account Instagram a message in Italian, a text he received from a fan in Mexico.

The message is a critique of the world’s elites and rich people with whom the actress seems to agree, because the text talks especially about how some have become rich and are getting rich now and how most suffer.

“Cities, daughters of capitalist modernity, are designed to enrich the elites in every crisis; to make the most vulnerable disappear and leave home, motionless, a frightened and comfortable middle class that does nothing but consume information of panic and spend their little money saved as if it were the end of the world “ is part of the message that Madalina Ghenea agrees with.

“It’s not enough to wash your hands and put on a mask”

“Not only do we have a health emergency, we also have a climate emergency, a water shortage, we have refugees victims of the war in the Middle East, drug trafficking in Latin America and environmental refugees due to the destruction of their living ecosystems; we have an exponential increase in feminicides on all continents and more and more corruption at all levels of government; the crisis is systemic and the solution must be the same. “, says the star’s fan.

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“It’s not enough to wash your hands and put on a mask, we have to build other possible worlds and weave new arches,” also writes in that post.

“Courage, in this time when we are facing one of the symptoms of global collapse, this virus is one of many that has infected humanity and the world.” it is also shown in the text.