The one from which the City Hall bought the Verdi Park, former Dinamo owner and ex-girlfriend of Maddalena Ghenea

Dragoş Săvulescu, the businessman sentenced Thursday by the High Court to 5 years in prison with execution in the illegal restitution file in Constanţa, was prosecuted and an arrest warrant was issued on his behalf. Sources from the General Police Inspectorate told that the police suspect that Săvulescu would have gone to Monte Carlo.

Dragoş Săvulescu and Angela Martini

Emil Dragos Savvulescu is 44 years old and was the patron of the Dinamo Football Club. She has grown up with acting, she was the Maddalena Ghenea's lover and recently married Miss Albania, Angela Martini. He made money from real estate transactions, as he said in an interview in the 2013 Evenimentul Zilei: "I made money 70-80% of the real estate. Before the boom! I sold the house of the biology professor and I was left with $ 3,000. For two thousand I got a Opel Kadett. I was the only boy to come to school with a car. I filled it with the girls back! ", Declared Savvules six years ago.

The only company in which his name appears is the one that manages the Dinamo Club. In 2012 he was in the company with Ionuţ Negoiţă, the brother of Sector 3 mayor, Cristian Borcea or Nicolae Badea, but gave up a year later in 2013.

Business in Constanta

Dragoş Săvulescu was sentenced to 5 years in prison for complicity in abuse of office, in the case of Radu Mazăre, along with 30 other defendants. He was accused of being part of the organized crime group that would have been able to harm the state with 112 million euros through illegal involvement in the restitution of beaches and cliffs in Constanta and Mamaia.

Anticorruption prosecutors have established that Emil Dragoş Săvulescu, together with Cristian Borcea and Georgică Giurgiucanu, damaged Romania and Constanţa with 28 million euros. Through "Holiday Club Neptun" SA. Savvulescu and Giurgiucanu would have illegally entered in possession of succession rights belonging to an elderly person – Ivonne Aline Buzescu-Movila. It had inherited impressive properties in Bucharest and Constanţa and left its share of heritage to the Romanian Academy through a testament concluded in the spring of 2001.

With the help of a notary, Săvulesu and Giurgiucanu claimed to be the heirs of the heir and asked the Constanţa City Hall to have 12,500,000 square meters of land. Later, they sold the succession rights to acquaintances or relatives at very low prices. One of those who received some of the succession rights was Cristi Borcea.

How she received 50 million euros from Gabriela Firea

In 2015, Geta Săvulescu, the mother of Dragos Săvulescu, obtained, in court, as a trustee, consistent compensation for landowners in Verdi Park. He sued the City Hall because the real owners – Camelia Coman Zărescu, Liviu Traian Poenaru, Eugenia Franţ and Ion Tudor would have been deprived of land use during 2011-2015. The court ruled in 2016 and awarded 660,000 euros of damages, plus penalties. Until the sentence is enforced, the City Hall is obliged to pay 2 euros / sq m per month, or 67,430 euros. However, the decision was not defensive, as is apparent from the court portal.

In June, the General Council of Bucharest voted for the principle agreement to start negotiations for the purchase of land plots in Verdi Park. It was a land of 33,715 square meters divided into six plots. The largest areas were owned by Dragoş Săvulescu and a controversial Iranian businessman, Manochehr Saadi-Sohi. This is Antrefrig's former patron and he had a controversial deal in the French Quarter (details here).

On September 6 last year, the General Council of the Capital voted with two thirds, and with a few abstentions from the USR advisors, buying the Sandulescu land at Verdi Park at a price of nearly 50 million euros. This after a commission rated it at 26.4 million lei, the market price. The explanation was that the law had been changed for a while and the same prices were applied to land without utilities. There is no data to confirm whether Dragoş Săvulescu was in possession of the money.