The poor glued miner who became a millionaire after finding two stones while digging! Anyone could be in his place. What he found in the depths

He couldn’t believe what he came across while digging!

A Tanzanian miner became a millionaire overnight after finding in the earth the two largest tanzanite stones ever discovered. Saniniu Laizer received a check worth 3 million euros from the Tanzanian government for the stones he found! The two rocks, one weighing 9.2 kilograms and the other 5.8, broke the previous record. Until the past few days, the heaviest tanzanite stone found weighed only 3.3 kg!

Tanzanian is a gemstone that has so far only been found in Tanzania. It is one of the rarest stones on earth, hence its huge value.

“I’m going to have a big party. I want to build a mall and a school. I want the school to be close to my house, there are a lot of poor people around who can’t afford to take their children to school.”, Laizer told the BBC.

“I’m not educated, but I like things to be run professionally. So I would like my sons to run the business that we will develop after they finish their studies,” Laizer added.