The reason why Mădălina Ghenea keeps Matei Stratan hidden: “I just don’t like to …”

Mădălina Ghenea has not posted any more pictures of Matei Stratan, his lover, after having been through difficult times, arguing right in the middle of the street. The star is increasingly missing from the virtual environment, but he has a serious reason.

He explained it himself on Instagram, in a suggestive message: I just don’t like sharing dear people on earth with others!, the mannequin specified. So that means that Matei Stratan doesn’t want to share it with those around him, he wants to keep it for her only, to enjoy the privacy of their family.

How were the last ten years? Wonderful! I think I can say today that I am a complete man. Yes, the last year is the most beautiful year of the last ten, it is also the hardest, but it is definitely the most beautiful. Yes, as I think every man changes (if changed after the girl’s arrival, no), I think it has changed me for good and I think … I can say that I have only one regret, that it didn’t come earlier, that it didn’t come now decade! A child is always welcome ” said Mădălina Ghenea in his latest interview.