The sexiest celebrities are on the red carpet in Rome

Couples or singles, with sexy and extravagant looks: from the Telethon gala to the Rome Film Festival's red carpet, see who's walking in the city

Martina Stella, Carolina Stramare, Cristina Chiabotto, Luisa Ranieri (with Luca Zingaretti), Gessica Notaro: the last red carpet of the Roma Film Festival and the Telethon gala bring together a parade of beauties in Rome – PHOTO | VIDEO

Cristina Chiabotto and Marco Roscio, images never seen before of a fairytale wedding – EXCLUSIVE

LOVE IS IN THE AIR – Cristina Chiabotto makes her first outing after the fairytale wedding with the Turin manager Marco Roscio (EXCLUSIVE) and the honeymoon in Formentera. Marital love makes her even more beautiful: the former Miss Italy, in a green mini dress, is super sexy. Martina Stella – toh who sees herself! – walks in a black dress with a mischievous neckline with her husband Andrea Manfredonia. And Luca Zingaretti – shy in life like his Inspector Montalbano in the TV series – for once makes an exception to the rule (for good: for Telethon) and plunges into worldliness with his wife Luisa Ranieri.

Martina Stella super sexy in Forte dei Marmi in a miniskirt – EXCLUSIVE

THE NEW CARLOTTA LOOK – Miss Italy in office, Carolina Stramare (EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS) is a seductive queen in a dress full of transparencies and exposed lingerie, complete with a small crown. Carlotta Mantovan shows the new look for the first time: via the fringe and bob for the wife of Fabrizio Frizzi (SPECIAL). Gessica Notaro is also very sexy, the miss scarred by acid from her ex boyfriend (LOOK). "TO Dancing with the Stars I was reborn ", he told a come with me from Caterina Balivo, “and I have never stopped dancing. I will also go on tour … ". For about a year he has a companion at his side: "His name is Marco, he is a special person. It allowed me to restore confidence to a man. I decided to first relive the emotions, otherwise I would have given it to that other one … ". And then: Maria Elena Boschi, Rocio Munoz Morales, Olga Plachina, Madalina Ghenea, Alessia Fabiani: look who is in Rome! – PHOTO GALLERY

Carolina Stramare, all about her: that's who the new Miss Italy really is – LOOK