They will have a BROTHER!  Rio Ferdinand’s children, happy after their father’s announcement.  His wife is pregnant

Rio Ferdinand (41 years old), the former iron defender of Manchester United and the England national team, announced in a very brilliant way the fact that he will become a father for the fourth time, but this being the first child with his current wife. .

The Briton is in his second marriage, the first ending tragically in 2015, when Rebecca died of an incurable disease at the age of only 34, leaving behind the three children born to Ferdinand, the boys Lorenz and Tate, as well as little girl Tia, currently 14, 11 and 9 years old, respectively.

Rio managed to overcome the psychological shock of losing his wife, rebuilding his life in the company of the beautiful Kate, who in 2019 became Mrs. Ferdinand. His great merit is that he managed to get along wonderfully with the three children of the former football player, brilliantly replacing the role of the missing mother.

At the same time, Kate Ferdinand really wanted to be a mother, which happened. The news was given on Instagram, with a video that immediately gathered over 1 million views and in which Kate and Rio announce to Lorenz, Tate and Tia that the family will grow. Unaware that they were being filmed, they were invited to a table, being put to watch a photo album, eventually reaching the moment they found out on a piece of paper about Kate’s pregnancy. The screams of joy and hugs that followed need no further comment. “I cry every time I look at it,” admitted Rio Ferdinand’s wife.