“They’re the most compelling I’ve ever seen!” A UFO expert, SHOCKED by PHOTOGRAPHS made by a cyclist! What does it say about them

A man riding a bicycle captured several photos of an unidentified flying object.

The pictures were taken in Jastrowo, Poland, and photography expert Justin Gleave says they are the most real he has ever seen.

The cyclist heard a ‘strange rusty sound’, and at that moment he noticed the UFO. When he got home he noticed that he caught the spaceship in five different frames, which he sent for analysis.

The images were examined by photography expert Justin Gleave, who declared them authentic.

“I was amazed by such a high quality. I superimposed the five separate images to confirm the movement of the object. It seemed to move over a small radius of about 200 meters, remaining at an altitude of about 150-200 meters from ground level”, Justin Gleave said, according to the Daily Star.

The images also reached the hands of UFO expert Robert Bernatowicz, who said: “The author is afraid to reveal his identity. Why? In Polynesia, talking about UFOs means that people will take you as a person with mental problems.”, said the expert in unidentified flying objects.