top sexiest appearances on the red carpet

Madalina Ghenea's appearance at Oscar last week has proven if she still needs the Romanian woman to feel even in the same room as the most beautiful women in the world. Here is the top of the most sexy appearances of the beautiful brunette in the last year at events in the movie world.

Mădălina Ghenea is one of the most beautiful Romanians, but also an actress with an impressive CV, including films such as 'Youth' (with Michael Caine and Harvey Keitel) or 'Don Hemingway' (with Jude Law). That's why his presence in the most important events of the film world is natural, where he always made his impressive physics.

Mădălina Ghenea: "After a certain level, physical qualities do not matter very much"

Despite the beauty that seems to be able to open any door, this is what Madalina Ghenea told us: 'Basically, after a certain level, physical qualities do not matter very much. Physical qualities do not make the difference when you enter a competition with other people with the same qualities. This is the moment when knowledge is above physical qualities, and they are the ones that make the difference (…) I think determination is the quality one must have when he wants to do something in any field. Beyond that, there is work and work again. '

Photo: Hepta