Tourism, Farms in Puglia are growing: Salento at the top with 360 structures

Positive trend with + 16.5% of accommodation facilities. Coldiretti: "Il Puglia brand has a great appeal on Italian and foreign tourists, thanks to the clamor caused by the purchases of VIPs of prestigious historic farms in Salento, rural areas are among the favorite destinations ".

Ancient recipes, grandma's traditions, genuine flavors with preserves, pasta, homemade bread, reuse of waste materials such as cannizzi, the Puglia of agritourism and rural traditions presented itself in its beauty and integrity in Matera at the Coldiretti Village , with double-digit growth in presences with a 16.5% increase in authorized facilities, according to Coldiretti – Terranostra's analysis based on the latest ISTAT data, presented in the European Capital of Culture 2019, with Salento at the top of the regional ranking, with the 360 ​​structures of the province of Lecce, out of the 876 total authorized throughout Puglia, followed by Bari with 164 farmhouses, Foggia with 132, Brindisi with 108, Taranto with 84 and BAT with 28. There are 850,000 registered presences in Apulian farms – according to Coldiretti / Terranostra Puglia – with a turnover of 22 million euros. The holiday in the countryside is the most popular green alternative of recent years – with an increase in the number of farms – continues Coldiretti Puglia – equal to 53% and the number of guests rose by 76% compared to the traditional holidays in mountain or sea resorts, thanks to the "farmers – Ciceroni" of the environment who compete with the historical tourist guides in telling the landscape and traditional beauties to tourists and enogastronauti that invade the "green places" of trend.

“International catering buyers have appreciated products and preparation skills of the Apulians, because the Puglia brand has a great appeal on Italian and foreign tourists, thanks to the clamor caused by the purchases of VIPs of prestigious historic farms in Salento, the rural areas are among the favorite destinations thanks to good food, tranquility and the beauty of the landscape that must be safeguarded and 'regenerated' today more than ever. It is no coincidence that we have neighbors of the national and international jet set, struck by love at first sight because of our extraordinary landscape, "commented Filippo De Miccolis Angelini, president of Terranostra Puglia, a farm tourism association of Coldiretti.

Cooking show and cooking demo, ramasola workshops, the ancient art of tying together the 'queen's tomatoes', the weaving of cannizzi with which you can make objects such as lamps and tables, tasting of extra virgin olive oil, cheeses and cured meats, so Apulia presented itself at the Coldiretti Village in Matera.

"The agritourism has increased the availability of tourist accommodation – added De Miccolis – offering a positive reading of the Apulian territory and, therefore, the development of the agritourism means greater capacity of attraction on the part of Puglia for the benefit of the entire regional economy. Hospitality in corporate structures is of fundamental importance for safeguarding the rural heritage which, today, is the pride of regional tourism. Without the garrison of the territory, the much appreciated "masserie" would inexorably go to ruin ", concluded the president De Miccolis.

And it is the food and the multiplicity of activities that can attract foreign and Italian tourists to the farmhouses of the Italian heel, adds Coldiretti Puglia.

"Our farms offer accommodation, catering, but also tastings and recreational, recreational and social activities and the presence of women is increasingly strong and strategic to diversify the business," added Floriana Fanizza, national leader of Coldiretti Donne Impresa. “From the agri-camping to the agri-relax, from the simplicity of the rural reception to the buffets with garden products, to the relaxing nature walks, they are the basis of the growing appreciation of tourists compared to the landscape and food and wine: respectively judgments 4.6 and 4.4 out of a maximum of 5. The request for accommodation and leisure activities to spend two / three days in harmony with nature has also increased, learning the secrets of life in the countryside. The success of the Apulian agritourisms continues to revolve around food and wine, with the agrifc of Campagna Amica, the peasant cooks who prepare traditional dishes with admirable skill ", concluded Fanizza.

Farmhouses in Campagna amica also provide open-air picnic areas that meet the needs of independence of those who love to devote themselves to cooking in full autonomy, possibly using only the purchase of farm products. Great opportunities also from direct sales, with 40 percent of regional companies selling their own products and 20 percent organic products.

The farm trip – concludes Coldiretti Puglia – becomes the occasion to introduce, especially to children, farm animals: chickens, cows, horses, donkeys. You can watch the milking, the laying of the eggs, learn how to make cheese, homemade pasta and see fascinating modern work tools and agricultural equipment, from the old plow to the powerful tractors.

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