Tourism, Half antifreeze for Aeroporti di Puglia. From 2020 new flights to Moscow and Kiev

Anti-freeze delivered this morning. New flights to Moscow and Kiev have also been announced since summer 2020.

The ceremony for the delivery of the new De-icer vehicle destined by Aeroporti di Puglia to the airport was held this morning at the Salento airport in Brindisi. The event was attended by the President of the Puglia Region Michele Emiliano, the President of Aeroporti di Puglia, Tiziano Onesti, the Regional Councilor for Transport, Gianni Giannini, and the Mayor of Brindisi Riccardo Rossi.

The Detergent supplied to the Salento Airport in Brindisi is Vestergaard Elephant. The vehicle, of Danish construction, has a basket with an elevation of up to 12 meters, which allows interventions on both category C aircraft (B737, Airbus A320) and on category D aircraft, with a wingspan of up to 52 meters ( B767 – B757). It also has a tank with a capacity of 5600 liters which allows a continuous autonomy of about 10 interventions before the subsequent refill of antifreeze fluid. The vehicle is also equipped with an automatic water / antifreeze mixing system at variable rates depending on the specific weather conditions on the ground.

During the meeting it was also announced the charter schedule that in the summer of 2020 will connect Moscow and Kiev with the Salento airport. The flights, for a total of 38 rotations, will be operated every Saturday from 30 May to the beginning of October.

In his speech, the President of the Puglia Region stated that "as part of the Apulian airport network, Brindisi airport plays a fundamental role. This is demonstrated by the constantly growing data of passenger traffic, especially for the international component, the number of companies operating at the airport and the attention with which the management of Aeroporti di Puglia works on the qualification of the infrastructures and airport equipment. The delivery of the De-icer and the announcement of the new chains in Moscow and Kiev clearly and clearly confirm the importance of this airport for our region. To respond effectively to the growing demand for air transport, which is the basis of the development policies for the tourism market in Puglia and Salento in particular, it is essential that the airport, in terms of human resources, infrastructures, equipment and organizational procedures, function in a impeccable and give the immediate representation of a modern region. Salento, and its airport, are synonymous with capacity to welcome and efficiency, but all the Apulian airports, each for their own peculiarities and technical characteristics, represent for the airlines and companies that want to invest in our region a partner reliable, solid commercial, able to generate sustainable development for the territory and well-being for its communities. In Puglia our ability to predict the future has improved, for fifteen years there has been a collective brain that is able to make decisions based on a series of scenarios. One of these concerns the relationship between Puglia and the Russian Federation. We realized long ago that it could bring great benefits. A relationship based on an ancient tradition. Opening up in the southern part of Puglia to a more intense relationship with Russia is very important; we hope that this openness is a prelude to fixed connections and new investments in agriculture, health, research and in all commercial sectors. Furthermore, in conjunction with Aeroporti di Puglia we are intensifying flights to Albania from the airports of Bari and Brindisi and this represents a gesture of great attention for the many travel needs at this stage. "

The President of Aeroporti di Puglia Tiziano Onesti focused on the modernization and redevelopment process underway in Brindisi.

"The airport of Salento in Brindisi is a resource of this territory. Improving the airport's operational levels, also through the upgrading of infrastructures and equipment, is an essential prerequisite for the development of connections. Brindisi Airport is involved in an important investment plan, in the four-year period 2019-2022, for 31 million euros, 20 of which are destined for the upgrading of flight infrastructures and over 4 for security systems. If we think of the important investments underway to improve accessibility by rail and modal integration with the port, the Salento airport is one of the most efficient infrastructures in Italy. In this perspective, made of the quality of the infrastructures, the attraction of passengers and the interest of the carriers, especially those engaged in developing international traffic, the flights to Moscow and Kiev represent an important innovation for the whole south-eastern area of ​​the country and for the Apulian tourism industry. The expansion of the international network is fundamental to improve incoming traffic and increase the visibility of the Puglia brand, and with it the regional tourism system, as outlined in the strategic planning document of Aeroporti di Puglia ".

According to the Regional Councilor for Transport, Giovanni Giannini, "we have made a positive revolution in the transport sector. Beginning with road transport, which was in disarray and which we reorganized, giving back to the provinces important functions and transferring the necessary resources to them. Then there is the RFI project that connects Brindisi airport to the station, also linking the cities of Taranto and Lecce and allowing significant savings to be made. We continue on the path of internationalization of Puglia, there are 31 million euros to invest to improve the accommodation capacity of Brindisi airport. AdP has grown over time, with upgrading of air connections, expansion and recovery of air terminals, including those in Grottaglie and Foggia. Puglia is the only Italian region with four airports for both civil and strategic functions serving not only the territory, but the whole country ".

The Regional Councilor for Tourism, Loredana Capone said that "The Russian market today still has high margins of development as regards tourism for Puglia. Russian tourists, big spenders mainly interested in the artistic / cultural offer and good food, are broadening their travel horizons even in Puglia where since 2016 the Russian market is constantly growing. In particular, from January to September of 2019, compared to 2018, growth was + 45% for arrivals and + 50% for admissions – Loredana Capone, Councilor for Tourism and Cultural Industry, comments – In these years there was a great deal of effort and intense bilateral exchange: participation in fairs, workshops and training seminars in Russia, organization of BtoB meetings and educational tours for Russian journalists and tour operators. Thanks to the collaboration with Aeroporti di Puglia, the Bari Line, the S7 flights inaugurated in June 2018 and the Pobeda one, crowned this commitment in favor of the promotion of Puglia in Russia. And now the new charter flights from Brindisi to Moscow and Kiev from May to October will allow us to increase the flow of Russian tourists interested in Puglia from spring to autumn. We will look for all possible synergies to make the best use of this new profitable direct air connection opportunity that will surely have its beneficial effects for the Apulian incoming, more and more sensitive to foreign markets that are those that allow the seasonality and value the tourist offer for 365 days a year ”.

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