Turin on TV with Christmas commercials

Snow-white roofs, lights that chase each other between shop-decorated windows and living rooms lit by the warm flame of red candles. Gifts, smiles, affections. All this is Christmas. The most magical time of the year, the period in which even the "unpleasant" shopping tips put them there, in the middle of the transmission of the heart, become pleasing. There are dozens of commercials on the subject that in recent weeks are chasing each other TV and some of these have been made precisely a turin. Successfully archived the experience of Balocco's spot commercial signed in 2017 by Daniele Luchetti ("and which was filmed in the middle of summer", remember the Film Commission Torino Piemonte), the image of Giorgio Chiellini intent on taking pictures with his smartphone nothing less than the beautiful Madalina Ghenea. It is, of course, the Christmas advertisement that the 3 has made in November under the Mole (the production is by Buddy Film of Milan, directed by Matteo Sironi) using the outdoor spaces of Piazza Palazzo di Città. The new 3 spot is programmed in 30 and 15 second formats and is also available on the web. In the dining room of an elegant Savoy apartment a happy family is about to eat his favorite dessert, the Pandoro Melegatti. Simple feelings, elegant and warm atmosphere, perfect to revive the image of the famous company detected by Roberto Spezzapria and his son Giacomo one step away from failure. An important advertising campaign carried out under the Mole and conceived by Armando Testa whose Spezzapria wanted to entrust a strategic communication aimed at the revival of the pandoro created by Domenico Melegatti 125 years ago. Filming took place on 5 November in a house in the Gran Madre area, produced by the Milanese Bedeschi Film, directed by Matteo Bonifazio.

The new advertising of MediaWorld dedicated to Christmas, which, of course, is being depopulated on TV and whose filming took place on 22 and 23 October in via Bricca, via Manzoni, via Boucheron. The storytelling focuses on the exciting moment of the exchange of gifts, on the joy of the faces of those who receive and those who give, the sharing of time together during the holidays. The perfectly correct claim states: "Christmas made especially for me". "MediaWorld is undoubtedly recognized as the first brand that Italians turn to when they choose a new technological product, even before evaluating brands, features and prices," said MediaWorld's Cmetta commercial, Giuseppe Cunetta. Our promise, especially at Christmas, is to put people and their emotions at the center of the mind in such a special moment, creating the perfect atmosphere to celebrate a technological Christmas made for each of us ». The direction is by Marco Missano, the production of the Turin Little Bull.