TV / Radio, Eurogames, Otranto among the participating cities

Otranto among the cities participating in "Eurogames" with Ilary Blasi and Alvin. September 19th in prime time on Canale 5.

300 competitors, 30 teams, 1 winner country only. The new Mediaset game show in prime time kicks off on September 19, the new big challenge among European nations, based on the Jeaux Sans Frontier (Games without Borders) format. At the helm Ilary Blasi with Alvin. To supervise on the regularity of the games six referees led by Yury Chechi. The direction is entrusted to Lele Biscussi.

Among the participating teams also the City of Otranto, the protagonist of the first episode. The broadcast focuses on a team competition: Italy, Spain, Russia, Greece, Germany and Poland compete against each other in nine games, based on the history and traditions of the six nations. In each episode, for each country plays a team from a different city and composed of ten competitors. The team with the best score during the preliminary rounds accesses the finals for each state.

Among the fixed games, the classic Fil Rouge, the Pallodrome and the Wall of champions. The other six tests change from bet to bet and, only for one, the teams can choose to play the joker to see the score obtained in that challenge doubled.

The Eurogames teams.

ITALY: Otranto, Folgaria, Catania, San Felice and Parma.

GERMANY: Munich, Hamburg, Cologne, Nuremberg and Berlin.

GREECE: Thessaloniki, Sparta, Cyclades Islands, Athens and Crete.

POLAND: Warsaw, Bialystok, Poznan, Gniezno and Janow Lubeske.

RUSSIA: Sochi, St. Petersburg, Moscow, Ekaterinburg and Novosibirsk.

SPAIN: Aranda de Duero, Ciudad Rodrigo,

Astorga, Monforte and Jaca.

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