Unprecedented proposal of a space company! They want to send passengers into the stratosphere in a balloon! When the project would be ready

A space company comes up with an unusual proposal.

Space tourism no longer seems impossible, and a new space company comes up with a super proposal through which people can travel in the stratosphere.

Space Perspective plans to launch giant balloons, which were previously used to send payloads into the stratosphere, to send people into a unique experience.

“A journey to the ‘edge’ of space, to see the most beautiful view of the Earth”, promises Space Perspective.

The experience promises to be different from traveling with a space rocket, which moves at speed. The company proposes a slow journey, through which passengers can enjoy the experience.

The balloon will not reach space, but the Earth’s stratosphere, the upper layer of the atmosphere. The altitude would be somewhere 30 kilometers above our planet.

The “propeller” would be a massive transparent balloon, filled with hydrogen whose ascent speed would be 10 kilometers per hour. The boat would carry 8 passengers, along with a pilot, and the flight time would be 6 hours, two of which were above Earth.

The company intends to make this experience possible by 2024.