US announces they will not leave Iraq. What are Donald Trump's plans?

The United States will not leave Iraq, although there has been a special request by Baghdad. Donald Trump has made several controversial statements on this topic. All under the conditions in which America could conflict with the state of Iran. The assassination of Iranian general Qasem Soleimani has led to political and military tensions. That is why Baghdad officials have asked the US military to evacuate the country. In this regard, the Iraqi Parliament also adopted a resolution addressing the US government directly.

US announces they will not leave Iraq

The US has no intention of leaving Iraq, as Donald Trump has said. Therefore, a delegation will be sent to Iraq to discuss the strategic partnership with this state, as well as to intensify NATO's role. In the official announcement made by the US State Department, it was stressed that the issue of withdrawal of military troops is not being raised at this time.

US announces they will not leave Iraq. What are Donald Trump's plans?
The US President made a controversial announcement about the withdrawal of US troops from Iraq

"America is a force of good in the Middle East. Our military presence in Iraq is to continue to counter the Islamic State terrorist network and, as our Secretary of State has said, we remain committed to protecting US, Iraqi and coalition partners. We were very clear about the major importance of our mission to counter the Islamic State terrorist organization in Iraq, ”the US State Department said in a statement.

On Friday, Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdel Mahdi asked US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to send a mission to organize the withdrawal of US troops. Iraqi Prime Minister "Requested that representatives be sent to Iraq to establish the mechanisms needed to implement the Iraqi Parliament's decision to safely withdraw US troops".

What are Donald Trump's plans?

"At this point, any delegation sent to Iraq would have the role of discussing how to best reconfigure our strategic partnership, not to discuss the withdrawal of troops, but our correct and appropriate position in the Middle East. Today, a NATO delegation is at the State Department to discuss intensifying NATO's role in Iraq, in line with the president's wish to jointly assume the tasks of collective defense efforts. But a discussion between the US and Iraqi administrations is needed not only on security, but also on our financial, economic and diplomatic partnership. We want to be a friend and partner of a sovereign, prosperous and stable Iraq, "said the US State Department, according to