Victor Slav admitted he fell in love! Who is the famous woman who has thrown her mind?

Invited to "Star Test," Victor Slav admitted that he is in love with one of the most beautiful ones in Romania. He admitted that he would never refuse one night.

Victor Slav, in the first part of the interview, spoke about the most important person in his life, Sofia Natalia. Victor and her daughter have a very special relationship, even after their separation from Bianca Dragusanu.

He was challenged to answer who he would spend a night, and his response was one that was surprising. The woman who stabbed Victor's minds is considered a fatal woman in Romania and is wanted by many men all over the world.

"That's it, I assume. With Mădălina Ghenea. I would get out of this car and get in the right car if it would appear at the traffic light. I would sit on my hood"Victor said amusedly.