Victor Slav admitted he is in love with Mădălina Ghenea

Victor Slav had relationships with some of the most hunted women in the showbiz, but there is one who has fallen on her throne, though she has never had anything to do with it. In his fantasies there is none other than Mădălina Ghenea, about whom the presenter 'Night Eagles' made a passionate confession.

After his separation from Bianca Drăguşanu, Victor Slav needed a period to make his life come to life, and from the beginning of January 2019 he was found to have a relationship with a 27-year-old, Raluca Silea, in the world of 'Bamboo bomber'. Although it seems that Victor Slav has finally rebuilt his life, a thought does not give him peace. The 'Night Vulture' presenter told The Teo Show 'Tea Show' that he dreamed of no one other than Mădălina Ghenea. Asked what he would do if the beautiful brunette were in a car on his right, Slav replied: I'd get out of my car and get in the right car. I would sit on my hood '.

Victor Slav, spicy confessions about Mădălina Ghenea

Present in the Teo Show studio, along with the colleagues of the show, Cătălin Cazacu and Giani Kiriţă, Victor Slav was challenged in a game to say whether he would want to deal with certain female celebrities. When Mădălina Ghenea was brought in, the presenter addressed a rhetorical question to the public "are we talking to someone who would not want? Is there someone who would not want it? " A man replied that he would not be interested, at which time Victor Slav could not help but said that only a man with another sexual orientation could be indifferent to the beauty of Mădăline Ghenea. The whole audience, including Teo Trandafir, has groaned because Victor Slav has chosen an unequivocal term to communicate his idea.

Photo: archive VIVA !, PR, Instagram

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