Virginia Raffaele: "If Cirinnà passes, I ask for Madalina Ghenea's hand" – Specials

Photo by Claudio Onorati

"Madalina is so beautiful that if she passes Cirinnà I ask her to marry me." The irony of Virginia Raffaele immediately leaves its mark in the press room in Sanremo. But there is no room just for civil unions: the actress also jokes about the beauty of Gabriel Garko, another traveling companion on the Ariston stage: "The beautiful thing that happened to me is that a few nights ago at the restaurant where I had Garko was also booked. When it came out, there was a flash storm, I went out and it was empty, I swear, they just let off steam with him and they stop me and ask me for Garko's autograph " . Conducting the festival with Carlo Conti, on the other hand, is "a bit like driving with Hamilton: you don't tell him look ahead, you trust".