Virginia Raggi becomes a manga comic against degradation
virginia raggi manga cartoon

Spokes in manga version

ROME – The mayor of Rome, Virginia Raggi, turns into a manga and becomes the protagonist of the comic "Protect the heart of Rome". Presented in recent days in some schools in the capital, along with the new regulation of the local Police, the first citizen wears the role of a vigilress who travels around Rome in search of people who violate the law. It starts with people who park in a double row or smear the monuments of the eternal city. The campaign, according to Il Messaggero, would have cost 50 thousand euros to the coffers of the Municipality.

La Raggi, in the post on Facebook that presents the billboards already spread around Rome, writes: “Through the cartoon cartoons we have investigated some of the contents of the New Urban Police Regulations, together with other important behaviors to respect our city, the environment and other people. The change starts from the youngest and it is essential to actively involve them, so that each of them can become an "ambassador" of these messages ".

The comic was created by the artist Mario Improta in art Marione. The realization cost zero since it was done for free. In addition to hanging from Rome, these comics will be presented in high schools in the capital.

However, on social networks, not everyone liked the mayor's publicity stunt, which was still considered a long way from being a super hero.

Source: Il Messaggero

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Another image of the Ray in manga version