Voice of Romania Live Video on Pro TV – Watch the show on Friday, December 13, 2019

Tonight, from 8:30 pm, Pro TV viewers will be able to watch the final semi-final, and the fight is heated and there is a lot of tension. In addition to the much-coveted trophy, a check worth 100,000 euros was launched, just like last year. In fact, season 9, so far, has brought against the coaches, especially since they are willing to throw in the fight all the weapons they have to help the remaining competitors in the game to win the semifinal, and why not the grand final from December 20th.

Voice of Romania Live Video on Pro TV – Watch the show on Friday, December 13, 2019

Tonight, in the last semifinal "Voice of Romania" you will be able to vote for Andi Țolea and Elena Ilie from the team of Smiley, Bogdan Dumitraș and Jasmina Răsădean from the team of Irina Rimes, Dragoș Moldovan and Mădălina Lefter from the team Tudor Chirilă and Elena Bozian and Adriana Simiones , from the Horia Brenciu team. All are ready to conquer the Romanians again with unforgettable performances and succeeding in demonstrating that they have extraordinary vocal qualities. all were voted by the public and reached a step closer to the final. The semi-finalists of season 9 Voice of Romania sang, impressed and are now ready for a new fight, today, from 8:30 pm. See HERE the edition of this evening Voice of Romania!

Pro TV viewers have a special role in this phase of the show, they can vote favorites by sms at 1200 (tariff 1.19 euro / VAT included), maximum 10 times each competitor or online, for free, one vote / team, only after START VOTE, and so they will decide who are the four finalists of the strongest competition of voices, as the PRO TV competition calls it.

The semi-finalists tonight, according to the regulation, will bring on stage two formidable moments, each singing a song, and the coach will go on stage with the two semi-finalists at a special moment.

Power, emotion, Dragos Moldovan, the second competitor of the Tudor team! A moment of strength, of authentic rock, made by Dragoș Moldovan, from Tudor Chirilă's team, when he sent Smiley, as he said, in the 90's and thanked the competitor for the piece by the famous band Bon Jovi. Tudor Chirila thanked Dragoș Moldovan for the performance, especially for those who failed to hear LIVE the song sung by Bon Jovi in ​​the concert held in Bucharest, as it should.

Another highlight was the Irina Rimes team, produced by Jasmina Răsădean!

Andi Țolea's emotion and sensitivity convinced the public and the jurors that it is a voice to consider, it remains to be seen at the end whether he convinced the viewers who decide the fate of each competitor.

It was also Irina Rimes' moment on stage, together with the two competitors from her team, Bogdan Dumitraș and Jasmina Răsădean, more rock than usual. All the jurors agreed that it was a good time on the stage together and that the choice of the song was an inspired one.

Elena Bozian, from the Brenciu team, wants to stay eternally young and on stage! Elena Bozian, engineer from Mioveni, from Horia Brenciu's team, came up with a remembering from the 80's, it is about the song "Forever Young" by Alphaville. The moment delighted the audience, the jurors slowly, slightly, in the nostalgia of the moment.

Followed the trio Dragoș Moldovan and Mădălina Lefter and Tudor Chirilă with a perfect harmonization on the song "The horse from Marlboro"

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