Vulpița and Viorel did not take place in the hospital.  They were taken by ambulance all night

After a few days in which Veronica felt worse, on Saturday night an ambulance arrived at the house where the two are staying, in Bucharest. They were taken by a crew and brought to the Matei Balş Institute, where their temperature and voltage were taken. After a few hours of waiting, the two were told that there were no places available for hospitalization and should go to another hospital.

Willingly, out of necessity, the spouses got in the ambulance again and went to another hospital unit. There they received the same answer: there are no places.

Towards morning, they arrived at the Victor Babeș Infectious Diseases Hospital, but the episode from Matei Balș was repeated. The doctors told Vulpita and Viorel that there are no places available for COVID-19 patients and that they should go home to see how their health is evolving.

Finally, after a full night of ambulance rides, Vulpița and Viorel returned to their home in Bucharest and returned to solitary confinement. They are not allowed to leave their homes and are monitored by the authorities. Also, several people from the show’s staff to whom the two were permanent guests were tested positive and the station’s management decided to stop filming until the situation returned to normal.

Veronica Stegaru alias Vulpița was the one who brought the new coronavirus from Blăgești, where she was gone for a week. She initially made the driver who brought her to Bucharest sick, after which the virus was transmitted to Viorel and other members of the team. Currently, Vulpița and Viorel feel good and do not seem to have major complications due to the infection with the new coronavirus, writes

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