Weather forecast for Sunday, September 29. ANM: Weather announcement. Summer temperatures

ANM specialists have issued a new weather forecast for Sunday, September 29th. This weekend there will be summer temperatures. Here's what Romanians can expect, in different regions of the country.

Weather forecast for Sunday, September 29

Temperatures will vary considerably in certain regions, but the weather will be generally beautiful throughout Romania. The forecast for September 29 shows that just like Saturday, and Sunday will continue to get cold.

Weather forecast for Sunday, September 29

Especially at noon, the values ​​recorded in thermometers will be higher than what would be normal for this time of year. On Sunday, the weather will continue warming, with highs between 20 and 29 degrees.

The sky will be a variable one and towards the afternoon in the north, northwest, southwest of the country are possible light rain and short-term. Also, in the mountain there may be short periods of precipitation.

And on the coast was announced pleasant weather, with maximum temperatures of 22 degrees. Also, the sky will be variable and the wind will be weak, to moderate. The announced night minimums exceed 15 degrees Celsius. The maximum temperatures will be between 28 and 30 degrees Celsius. The highest values ​​will be recorded in the Danube Meadow. The minima will have values ​​between 7 and 17 degrees, in the depressions of the Eastern Carpathians.

Forecast for Monday

Wekeendul will end in warm weather in Bucharest. Residents can expect a variable sky, but also a mild and moderate wind. On Monday, the values ​​in thermometers will reach values ​​much higher than the normal period. We'll even have 28 or 32 degrees Celsius! The minimums will have values ​​between 11 and 14 degrees.

Next week will start with a warm weather, especially in the south and east of the country. There will be maximum temperatures of 32 degrees. The sky will be cloudy in the northwest, center and in the mountain where there will be showers.