What are Adeline Pestrițu's obsessions? The star recognized everything!
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Adeline Pestrițu's fans know almost everything about her, considering that the star is active all the time on social networks, certified work and the Best Romanian Pop Culture Influencer of 2019 award, offered by E! People's Choice Awards.

While some public individuals choose to present only the positive aspects of life in the online environment, Adelina Pestrițu does not shy away from sharing them with fans and those less pleasant things. Thus, not infrequently, the star spoke publicly about the problems he faces daily.

What are Adeline Pestrițu's obsessions? The star recognized everything!

Adelina Pestrițu is in a permanent dialogue with her followers on instagram and she does not hesitate to ask for their opinion or to have discussions on different topics. In a recent instastory, the star told fans about her obsessions. While many people would have thought that they were related to clothes or accessories, well, others are the details Adelina Pestrițu is very fond of.

The star is very careful about how her home looks, she wants everything to be perfect and she has developed a true obsession with curtains, carpet and coffee maker. They must look impeccable all the time, and if that doesn't happen, Adelina Pestrițu confessed that she easily loses her temper.

"Have you ever been to calculate what obsessions you have in your home? My obsessions are like this: the curtains, the carpet and the coffee machine. If someone stains, damages, damages these parts of the house, the scandal comes out. " revealed Adelina Pestrițu in an instastory.

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