What man's "treasure" drew Mădălina Ghenea

When you think of the family fortune of Matei Stratan, you imagine that the rich man does not move a finger and even allows himself to hire people to make his market or drive his car. But that's not the case at all. Mădălinei Ghenea's fiancée was caught on the weekend at a supermarket in Snagov commune, Ilfov. After several escapades through Italy and Greece, it seems that the two Amorites retreated to a villa on the shore of Lake Snagov, a locality nicknamed "the heaven of the rich".

If we are to follow the postings of Madalina from the social media accounts, Matei treats her like a goddess, and the images of breakfast prepared for Olteanca have brought to Matei's sympathy among the internees. Mădălinei's cravings brought out the handsome billionaire on Saturday. Dressed casually, Matei walked through the shelves of a supermarket and filled a basket full of goodies. Natural juices, teas, ice cream and a few bags of chips. Then he sat neatly in the queue and although the store had formed a huge row at the house, the young man gave up the place of a customer who had only a watermelon in the basket.

After paying off, Matei got into a magnificent luxury car, the car being the only accessory indicating the status of billionaire, he left for the house, where Mădălina and his little girl were waiting. The gorgeous Olteanca and the son of Iasi from Dan Stratan have been together for over a year. In April, Mădălina made Matei a little girl's father, and the two declare their love whenever they have the opportunity.