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Philip Plein: all information on the German-born stylist visiting Cr4- The Republic of Women.

philip plein

Philip Plein he is a very famous designer, so much so that several celebrities from the world of entertainment wear his creations. Born in 1978, Philipp Plein was born in Munich on February 16, under the zodiac sign of Aquarius. During the years of the university where he studied law, he enjoyed drawing furniture for friends and family.

After being noticed by some experts, he founded his company in 1998, which initially produces luxury accessories made of leather. Then, in 2004, he also started making collections for men’s, women’s and children’s fashion.

Since 2009, then, the Philipp Plein’s brand has its exponential growth: after the opening of the first store in Munich and the first showroom in Milan, participation in Milan Fashion Week in 2011 and 2017 New York Fashion Week followed.

Philip Plein: private life

Philipp Plein is famous all over the world for his numerous love relationships: for example, we remember flirting with Lindsay Lohan and with the model Fernanda Rigon, from which the designer’s first son, Romeo, was born. After the end of his relationship, then, he was engaged to the model Madalina Ghenea and subsequently with Andreea Sasu, which would have ended in 2018. In mid-2019, then, Philipp Plein posted photos on his Instagram profile together with Lucia Bartoli, of which, however, very little is known. .

According to the Swiss magazine Bilanz, Philipp Plein is among the 300 richest men in Switzerland, with a patrimony of between 150 and 200 million francs (about 140 million euros).

Curiosity: in the summer of 2019 Philipp Plein and Ferrari had a legal problem because one of the cars was used to promote shoes. Despite the warnings to remove the photo, Plein was adamant: “Ferrari’s CEO should think twice before allowing his lawyers to write a letter of this kind to a valuable client who has bought four Ferraris in the past 10 years. “ “Rwithout words in the face of the Ferrari’s unprofessional and aggressive behavior towards its customers – keep on Plein -. This is a real blackmail! I will not remove the photo and will take legal action against Ferrari for this unprofessional behavior. I expect a formal apology from Mr. Camilleri “.

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