Who is Gabriel Garko? Age, height, wife, private life, career and Instagram

Everything you need to know about Gabriel Garko, fromage, atheight, to the wife, to the private life, to the career, to where to follow him on Instagram.

Who is Gabriel Garko? Age, height, wife and private life

Dario Gabriel Oliviero, in art Gabriel Garko, was born on 12 July 1972 in Turin. Her age it is therefore of 47 years old, while his height is equal to 1.90 cm. Of her private life we know that the actor is the third of four children, and the only male in the family. Gabriel it has in fact three sisters, two major and one minor. His art surname is inspired by that of his mother, Garchio.

And still of his private life we know that Garko he had several romantic relationships, some of them with big names in the Italian show. Among the most famous we remember the one with the colleague Eva Grimaldi, duration for some years. After the end of the story, Gabriel frequents Serena Autieri, Manuela Arcuri, Cosima Coppola is Adua Del Vesco, several years younger. However, the actor never married, and does not have one wife.

Over the years, there has often been talk of homosexuality for Gabriel Garko. In fact, many still today suspect that the artist has always hidden an important part of himself, which concerns his sexual orientation. The actor has always denied it, holding his own private life far from gossip. Furthermore, for several years, it has also been suspected that Gabriel have a relationship with Gabriele Rossi. In fact, the two have often been spotted together in intimate attitudes, causing the web to become suspicious. Moreover, since a few days, there have been rumors that Garko he got married, but the gossip is shrouded in mystery.

The actor has not yet clarified the situation. During the episode of Sunday In of 6 October 2019, however, it seems that Gabriel arrive as a guest, to finally talk about the alleged marriage and the alleged homosexuality. What will it reveal in the living room of Mara Venier?

Gabriel Garko career

There career of Gabriel Garko begins in the late nineties, when he takes part in some photo stories. After taking part in some productions, he debuted on the small screen with the TV miniseries The lady of the city in 1996. From that moment he began to participate in numerous successful fictions, including The Beautiful of Women, which gives him an unexpected fame and popularity. In the same period he arrives on the big screen with the cult movie The Ignorant Fairies, masterpiece of Ferzan Ozpetek.

There career of Gabriel Garko however, it takes a turn when it becomes the protagonist of fiction The honor and the respect, in the role of Tonio Fortebracci. This part allows him to become one of the most beloved actors of the moment, finally entering the heart of the public. In the following years he is in the cast of some films and other TV series, including the sequel de The honor and the respect.

In 2010 Gabriel Garko is one of the main faces of the series The sin and the shame, where it interprets what has been defined the worst character on Italian TV. In 2011 it appears as a guest star in the first episode of the TV series Warm blood, and then participate in the miniseries Angel face. In 2014 he returns to the big screen, with the film misunderstood, to then take part in Sin and Shame 2 and fiction Rodolfo Valentino – The legend.

And again in 2015 the career of Garbiel Garko returns to be marked by the fourth season of The honor and the respect, which will be followed by a fifth and final part. In 2016 he is among the co-hosts of the Sanremo Festival, alongside Carlo Conti, Virginia Raffaele is Madalina Ghenea. In the same year he appears as a guest star in the cinepanettone Poor but rich.

Who is Gabriel Garko? Where to follow him on Instagram

All those who wish to stay in touch with Gabriel Garko they can easily follow the actor through his official profile Instagram. The artist likes to share with his followers private life and his everyday life, being appreciated by thousands of followers.

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