Who is Leonardo DiCaprio: the actor's private life

Hands up who has never had a poster hanging in their bedroom or who has never seen, at least once, Titanic. Here we are talking about him of Leonardo DiCaprio, one of the most loved actors by the female gender. Self Quentin Tarantino he chose it for his film Once upon a time in Hollywood, women chose it (even repeatedly) as the ideal man in their lives. His skill is undeniable, just think of the interpretation of some films like Inception or Revenant, which also cost him his first Oscar. Furthermore, Leonardo DiCaprio was the subject of memes, even on social media, for this award that never came.

Who is Leonardo DiCaprio

Born in 1974, Leonardo DiCaprio was born in Los Angeles on 11 November under the sign of Scorpio. Italian blood flows in his veins, as can be deduced from the surname. In fact, the father comes from an Italian family. The passion for the world of art, Leonardo, inherited it from his professional cartoonist father. The mother, on the other hand, who is often at her side even at social events is one German secretary of origin. Furthermore, as a boy, after his parents separated, he had to change house frequently because of the economic problems.

Leonardo DiCaprio: from Kate Winslet to Gisele Bundchen

That Leonardo DiCaprio is a real heartbreaker is now known. A clarification must be made: despite the fact that many have always shippled a relationship between him and his friend and colleague Kate Winslet there was never anything between the two. DiCaprio is renowned, however, to always accompany beautiful top models like when it was engaged to Gisele Bundchen, one of the angels of Victoria Secret. The story between the two, however, lasted only five years and finally came to an end.

Until 2011 she was with another top model, Bar Rafaeli and subsequently moved from one relationship to another. Among the achievements of Leonardo DiCaprio there would also be the pop star Rihanna, Blake Lively is Madalina Ghenea. From 2018, however, the actor of Romeo and Juliet is engaged to the model Camila Morrone.

Leonardo Dicaprio

6 interesting facts about Leonardo Di Caprio

1) Instagram is very popular
2) How tall is Leonardo DiCaprio? 183 centimeters
3) Why the name Leonardo? In reality, everything seems to be a coincidence. It seems that while he was still in his mother's belly he kicked for the first time when Irmelin he contemplated a painting by Leonardo Da Vinci at the Uffizi Gallery in Florence
4) Kate Winslet chose Leonardo DiCaprio as her witness for her third marriage. He is also the godfather of his third child
5) Owns a turtle over 20 kg
6) From 2014 he was appointed UN Ambassador against climate change