Who is Madalina Ghenea? The beautiful of Sanremo that has 'loved' Borriello and Berruti

Madalina Ghenea is beautiful, perhaps the foreign actress and showgirl known in Italy as always beautiful. Valletta of the 2016 edition of Sanremo, this beautiful young Romanian woman knows only what she wanted to reveal. Madalina is as shy as very few others in her field, but part of her strength lies in this. Very young – she was born in August 1988 in Slatina, Romania – Ghenea was able, and has shown it, to build her career from scratch, relying exclusively on her strength. There is no chronicle of news to be towed – as is the case for many other colleagues falsely bothered by gossip – and even powerful boyfriends ready to open the doors to success: of illustrious companions Madalina has had them, but has always preserved them from general curiosity. And then, when you discover the names of the boyfriends in question, you will find out for yourself that Ghenea has chosen them for reasons that have nothing to do with the need to get a recommendation.

Madalina Ghenea's Hollywood men

Italy is close to the wonderful actress of "Youth – The youth" because Madalina, being able to afford it, has repeatedly drawn from the golden world of Hollywood to enliven her private life. In America, Ghenea immediately pointed high but did so by remaining silent. For her, in 2011, Leonardo Di Caprio would have lost his mind. Even then, Madalina did not want to be remembered for her illustrious engagements and did her best to keep this flirt private. She confirmed it herself, involuntarily, a few months after the beginning:

This story could make me more popular but also overwhelm me. If it went well, ok, but if it went wrong I wouldn't want to be remembered as someone's ex.

In 2012, Madalina conquered Gerard Butler who, for her, turned his golden bachelor life upside down. After an initial period of confidentiality, the two went out into the open together. Already an actress launched towards an international career, Ghenea confessed that he would be the Hollywood star to court her tightly. Butler would have taken a plane to reach it, a few hours seeing it for the first time. Impossible to resist such determination and, of course, Madalina capitulated quickly.

The third star bewitched by the actress was Michael Fassbender, another sex symbol. It was 2014 when the two came out of the closet. At the time, Madalina had already closed her relationship with Butler for several months. With Fassbender, the Ghenea was photographed in Italy on several occasions. Their story did not last long and ended badly. That was his last official engagement. In fact, Madalina has been single for a year. Or at least it is officially.

He would have bewitched Giulio Berruti and Marco Borriello

Madalina Ghenea with Marco Borriello
in the picture: Madalina Ghenea with Marco Borriello

More than engagements, those that Madalina would have had with Italian stars could be categorized under the heading "flirt". The first to hit her – and at the time was still with Butler – was Marco Borriello. The two were caught in intimate attitudes in the private room of a disco. That picture went around the web, but was never commented on by those directly involved. A flirtation with Borriello, however, had already been discussed in the past, when Ghenea was not yet so famous. Recently, however, another beautiful of our house has been compared to the Romanian actress. He is Giulio Berruti, paparazzato from "Novella 2000" as he left the same Roman hotel where Madalina was also staying. Even with him, however, nothing ascertained or lasting. Ghenea is single and intends to remain so. Butler remained a great friend of his, while admitting that the break with Fassbender was "complicated and painful". He has a single dream now and does not consist in finding great love. No, Madalina just wants to become a mother.