Who is Madalina Ghenea, the valley of Sanremo 2016: all the ex-boyfriends

A few hours before the start of the Sanremo Festival 2016, everyone is wondering who is Madalina Ghenea, the valley chosen by Carlo Conti together with Virginia Raffaele and Gabriel Garko. Do you have a boyfriend? If so with whom? The lovers of the films of the director Paolo Sorrentino will remember her in Youth, where she plays the beautiful Miss Universe. Despite her participation in the latest Sorrentino film, Ghenea is famous above all for ex-boyfriends. Currently, we emphasize right now, the beautiful Romanian actress is single, although she has recently been attributed a flirtation with Marco Borriello.

Madalina Ghenea, the ex of …

The first famous ex boyfriend of Madalina Ghenea was Leonardo Dicaprio. The 2016 Oscar nominee took a crush on the then young Madalina (21 years old at the time). The flirtation between the two, however, lasts very little. Three years later the actress is seen in the company of Gerald Butler. The two are in Rome together. Even this story, however, will not have a sequel. Subsequently the girl of Romanian origin (was born on 8 August 1988 in Slatina, Romania) began a relationship with Michael Fassbender.

Between the two, the relationship seems rather serious, so much so that both of them meet often and willingly in Milan, where Ghenea lives. Michael and Madalina also spend the holidays together but something breaks again. The streets are divided and the woman returns single. We can bet that on the occasion of the participation in the Festival many flirting attributes will still be attributed to you.

Next film is Italian ‘career’

The next cinematographic effort that will see Madalina Ghenea engaged is called Zoolander 2, written directed and interpreted by Ben Striller. To confirm the presence of the actress in the new Striller film, a note from her staff, after the rumors of the past few days that informed about a possible cancellation of the scenes in which Madalina appeared. In addition, the 27 year old girl will regularly participate in the presentation of the film to be held soon in the city of Rome.

In Italy Madalina lent her face to the advertising campaigns of the telephone company 3 (together with Raoul Bova), she participated in the 2011 edition of dancing with the Stars (where he danced with Simone Di Pasquale), and starred in the film The solid idiots alongside Biggio and Mandelli. Some of you will recognize it immediately even for having already seen it in advertising Legacy together with Cristiano Ronaldo, the Portuguese champion in force at Real Madrid.

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