Wind Tre, Claudia Erba tells the 2019 Christmas campaign

Tha Jackal and Wind have just re-launched a new Christmas collaboration that adds to the other great classic that sees 3 with Chiellini and Madalina as protagonists on TV.

Two different TV campaigns, designed to make the most of the commercial proposals of the two Wind and 3 brands. With the new Christmas commercials, Wind Tre confirms the multi-brand communication strategy, based on a distinctive positioning for the brands with which the company driven by Jeffrey Hedberg is present on the consumer market.

The Wind brand, in fact, has always been "close" to families, with simple, smart and accessible offers for everyone, while 3 is the reference brand for technology enthusiasts, always looking for the most cutting-edge solutions.

"The needs of different targets correspond to differentiated creative formats", explains Claudia Erba, Brand Communication Director of Wind Tre (in the photo). Which adds as "ssame values, but different languages: TV and web become, in fact, complementary means. "

"3's Christmas, for example, is 'tech', the absolute protagonists are the latest generation smartphones and accessories, the identity trait of the tlc brand, which has always offered bundles capable of combining high quality services with the best devices" .

This fil rouge has characterized, in the last period, all the advertising communication of the brand 3, which makes use of the now well-matched pair of brand ambassadors formed by Giorgio Chiellini and Madalina Ghenea.

Instead, the atmospheres evoked by Wind's Christmas campaign are different.

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