Wind Tre: multi-brand strategy and media mix winning ingredients for Christmas campaigns

Two different TV campaigns, designed to make the most of the commercial proposals of the two Wind and 3 brands. With the new Christmas commercials, Wind Tre confirms the multi-brand communication strategy, based on a distinctive positioning for the brands with which the company driven by Jeffrey Hedberg is present on the consumer market.

The Wind brand, in fact, has always been "close" to families, with simple, smart and accessible offers for everyone, while 3 is the reference brand for technology enthusiasts, always looking for the most cutting-edge solutions.

"The needs of different targets correspond to differentiated creative formats", explains Claudia Erba, Brand Communication Director of Wind Tre. "3's Christmas, for example, is 'tech', the absolute protagonists are the latest generation smartphones and accessories, the identity trait of the tlc brand, which has always offered bundles capable of combining high quality services with the best devices" .

This fil rouge has characterized, in the last period, all the advertising communication of the brand 3, which makes use of the now well-matched pair of brand ambassadors formed by Giorgio Chiellini and Madalina Ghenea.

Instead, the atmospheres evoked by Wind's Christmas campaign are different.

Claudia Erba

"In the commercial now on air", says the manager, "we find Fiorello, historical testimonial of the brand". Leave yourself in the role of the investigator in search of a fugitive Rovazzi, Fiorello "becomes an elegant, modern and ironic Santa Claus, struggling with more and more" unlikely "gifts to be delivered. Gifts opposed to the Christmas gifts Wind: Giga and wireless headsets to respond to the desire for communication of the whole family ", continues Claudia Erba. The recurring theme of the gifts, brought by Fiorello, works as an ideal link with the campaign of the 'perfect Christmas' that Wind proposed last year, going to build an effective and tested Christmas format for the brand.

If TV remains the main channel in the media mix, Wind Tre's attention is increasingly growing in the world of the web, with dedicated and "ad hoc" campaigns for the online.

"After the success of the video" Natale Oggi Vs. Natale Anni 90 ", which received important awards this year at the NC Digital Awards and Media Key Awards, we have recently launched a new branded content, in collaboration with the Neapolitan creative collective The Jackal", announces Claudia Erba, "Dedicated to the dreaded, but now indispensable," group chat "that we all use daily. Especially on the occasion of the holidays ”.

The chats, represented as small surreal worlds, become the target of the comedy of The Jackal, which however leaves room, in the end, for a more emotional moment, in underlining that these instruments are able to make everyone feel 'closer' to friends and family .

"The Wind brand values ​​clearly emerge, explains Erba, and in fact the campaign is dedicated to the "WINDAY" program, conceived this year to celebrate the twenty years since the birth of the brand. The same values, the manager concludes, but different languages: TV and the web become, in fact, complementary means, which allow us to convey our message to an ever wider audience ".

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