"Without thoughts", all the guests of the "president": the complete cast of the new video by Fabio Rovazzi

"Without thoughts", all the guests of the "president": the complete cast of the new official videoclip by Fabio Rovazzi published Thursday, August 1, 2019. "Without thoughts" is a song with pop-funky sounds that is sung for its lightness and the rhythm of the sound: here are all the details on the video!

Summer 2019 is the summer of the tormentions. This year so many have come out, perhaps too many. June and July were months full of hits, but there was someone who was missing from the appeal. Someone whose lack was felt. We are talking about Fabio Rovazzi, which for four summers has delighted us with its songs.

As always, he chose to publish the single "late" compared to his colleagues, so last July 10 was released on radio and in streaming "Thoughtless”(here is the text of "Without thoughts"). Not only. For the official videoclip he kept waiting until August 1st and, once again, he left everyone stunned. His videos are real feature films in which they appear different special guest.

Just think that in "I do what I want”Appear Emma Marrone, Nek, Al Bano, Gianni Morandi, Roberto Pedicini, Fabio Volo, Rita Pavone, Massimo Boldi, Carlo Cracco, Samuel Heron, Homyatol, Eros Ramazzotti, Diletta Leotta, Danti, Simon Says, Luis Sal, Flavio Briatore.

Who do we find instead in "Without thoughts" that in less than 24 hours has already exceeded 600 thousand views on Youtube? Besides Loredana Bertè and J-Ax that duet with Rovazzi in the original song, in the video we can see Paolo Bonolis, Max Biaggi, Gigi Marzullo, Terence Hill, Fabio Fazio, Enrico Mentana, Kokeshi, Anima, Maccio Capatonda and Danti. Here's where to see them precisely:

  • Paolo Bonolis (0:22) – the conductor warns Rovazzi that "they" are looking for him,
  • Gigi Marzullo (1:19) – Rovazzi is at home and Marzullo appears on TV to conduct "Sottovoce",
  • Enrico Mentana (2:04) – Rovazzi sleeps and Mentana appears on TV saying "all is well" (quotation from Berlusconi),
  • Danti (2:40) – is one of those who analyze Rovazzi,
  • Soul (2:40) – is one of those who analyze Rovazzi,
  • Loredana Berté (2:58) – Loredana helps Rovazzi to escape between the control rooms of the Experiment,
  • Maccio Capatonda (3:09) – Maccio Capatonda is one of the guards who controls the Experiment,
  • J-Ax (3:31) – sings in the fake garden with Rovazzi,
  • Kokeshi (3:37) – Kokeshi appears on a billboard and celebrates his graduation party,
  • Fabio Fazio (3:47) – Fabio Fazio is a bank manager to whom J-Ax addresses,
  • Max Biaggi (4:18) – the athlete obviously appears on a motorcycle looking at the holographic posters,
  • Terence Hill (5:43) – a car approaches Rovazzi and it is Terence Hill who came to get it.

Marzullo's brief appearance refers to the web's catchphrase "How were the toothless footballers?". It is a meme born on the web from Joker, youtuber and brother of CiccioGamer, who uttered this sentence in one of his videos. The video was then commented on by Cerberus Podcast on Twitch and from Youtube Fa Cagare and the phrase became viral.

To be specified that Karen Kokeshi is Rovazzi's girlfriend. Only last month Fabio wrote a long post to defend it from bullies: "You need to come up with things about yourself to end up in the trend. Obviously you have not noticed the baseness you have reached. But I do acknowledge it, if you are without any kind of talent it is the only viable method. I have always defended the web, even in the deepest parts, but here we talk about real bullying. But above all we talk about DIGNITY in exchange for like … maybe you forgot that sooner or later that too. I hold her tight, as I hold Karen tight. One of the smartest girls I've ever met, and you? You hold the likes until they are still worth something. "

"Senza pensieri" is a song with pop-funky sounds that makes you sing for its lightness and the rhythm of the sound that comes out by chance in the most carefree time of the yearwhen you go on vacation, schools are closed and people finally go on vacation. But Without Thoughts it is not only this, once again the artist enjoys being on different levels, playing with contrasts and the other side of the coin (here how to buy "Without Thoughts" and how listen in streaming "Without thoughts").

The song wants to shed some light problems current:

  • excessive consumerism, since everyone has "Compulsive shopping – Stuff I don't need I want first – To be cool I'll have to ask for a trust",
  • the obsessive use of social networks, since "the society of well-being" is populated by people for whom only ephemeral success counts, in which the values ​​are fame and notoriety and to obtain them it is necessary to plan the contents to collect more followers,
  • environmental emergency, a problem that involves the entire world such as global warming.

"Without thoughts" is also the soundtrack of the summer spot of Tre in which appear the footballer Giorgio Chiellini and the model and actress Madalina Ghenea (here is the karaoke base of "Senza pensieri").