"You have problems, woman, go to control …" Mădălina Ghenea blazed on social networks, after a virtual friend … (PHOTO)

Mădălina Ghenea blew up on a social networking site after an interviewer commented on a dive photo.

"I think it is me or you have something belly, come baby 2 ?? Congratulations if so, you are gorgeous !!"Wrote the woman after Ghenea posted a photo in which she was dressed in a mulled dress.

"No baby coming! I like to eat", She snapped the dark brunette.

The views are on the Madalina Instagram page.

Virtual Friend: "Really bitter about what she wants to be …"

Madalina Ghenea: "Mandra of my form. You?"

Virtual Friend: "Yeah, it's nice with shapes but not with belly. Or at least I do not like it"

Madalina Ghenea: "I hope you're kidding, you have a woman's problem, go to control"

Virtual Friend: "Why? Are you just waiting for compliments? Ok you are so cool. Good? A good day"

Virtual Friend: "Sorry what have I done so GRAV? Did I say he has a bit of a stomach? Is that really a crime?"

Madalina Ghenea: "I look forward to seeing your business! Does it seem normal to show you hatred and frustration in this way? If you see a more full woman, what are you doing? Shallow with stones in it? I can see in the profile picture that you may be a mother, what are you teaching the puppies? Going to school to the fullest colleagues and offend them? Wow! What a shame! Too bad there are people like you in this world! "

Virtual Friend: "DOAMNE FERESTEEEEE !!!!!!"

Madalina Ghenea: "Are you really not ashamed? in vain you still wonder here! I say it's better to drop out of this profile with your views! I do not want a negative example on my profile! They are teenagers who get hungry and get sick because of stupid people like you"

Madalina Ghenea: "It's wonderful, the dudua is absolutely abhorred by my form and does not explain how I can get out of the house in this way"

"I do not understand how a beautiful and smart woman like you puts on the minds of frustrated! Beauty comes from the inside and it's important how it feels to you … It should not matter what they think, has someone to appreciate for what you are!

I have not imagined that you can fight back like that. After all, the woman did not yell you. As long as you post pictures with you, everyone has the right to comment, to the limit of common sense, of course"Wrote another virtual friend, shocked by the star's responses.

Madalina Ghenea