You turned the SRI into a political police

Judge Mădălina Afrăsinie informs Florian Coldea that he has transformed the SRI into a political police, and the title of his book, “Pleading for Confidence”, offends his intelligence and shows that the oath he laid with his hand on the Constitution is a bad joke.

“The title of this book offends my intelligence … for this reason I will not buy it! To talk about trust, in the conditions in which you, being with the rule of law (s), have transformed part of this information service into a political police service, it shows not only the silence but also the fact that your oath (of those who you were / are part of this abusive state), with your hand on the Constitution, it’s a bad joke!“, The judge wrote Mădălina Afrăsinie.

The magistrate of the Bucharest Court also considers that all those who signed secret protocols and voted CSAT decisions that legislated “the intrusion into people’s lives, turning fundamental rights and freedoms” into a theoretical luxury “, you had to be thrown into the pit of history, not to take a stand on decision-making functions ”.

Judge Mădălina Afrăsinie “The citizen is put in impossibility”

“Romania has long lost the” war “that would have ensured its progress … for this reason we are where we are now: we, down, striving for you … you, the ones who play the games of others! Judges! ”, Writes the judge.

The message is accompanied by the cover of the book signed by Florian Coldea, the former first deputy of the Romanian Information Service (SRI).

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The book signed by Coldea is entitled “About intelligence services. Thoughts, perspectives, opinions. A plea for trust ”.